Q: How many characters can my mini message be?

A: 5o characters, including spaces and punctuation. We know this is tough (that's way fewer characters than Twitter allows!), but if you are really stuck, we don't mind helping you edit. Send us a message!

Q: No really, how do I fit my feelings for this person into 50 characters or less?

A: We recommend shortcuts and shorthand for those who are feeling more verbose! & instead of and <3 instead of love, etc. Text speak is also totally acceptable.

Q: What is actually included in a tiny telegram? 

A: Included in each hand-personalized telegram is:

1 4 x 4 inch tin container, wrapped in a kraftpaper and twine sleeve
1 wax seal (to seal kraftpaper/twine sleeve) saying "For You"
1 kraft explanatory sticker (inside top of tin, describing contents)
1 kraft insert (holds tin contents)
1 telegram postcard of your choice, hand transcribed by us  with your personal message
1 white vellum envelope, sealed with red wax ("T" logo)
1 2x plastic magnifier
1 red cocktail sword "letter opener"

Q: Who will read my personal message? Will my telegram be photographed and shared online ie: used as an example on your website?

A: We will never betray your confidence or share any of your info without your express permission! We know it can be weird to send a message through a 3rd party, and we believe in keeping your messages in the strictest confidence. Any written content or identities displayed in our advertisement photos is completely fictitious and made up as a sample by us.

We do, however, encourage you to share your Tiny Telegram experiences on social media #tinytelegrams 

Q: Great! How do I send a Tiny Telegram?

A: Go to our shop page and click on any of the Tiny Telegrams you like. This will bring you to the listing on our Etsy page! Once there, add the desired telegram to your cart. At checkout, you will be given an option of shipping addresses - use the address of your recipient for this, so it will be sent to them and not you.

In the notes to seller, please give us the following info:    

Name of recipient
Name of sender (we don't want to just assume it's the name of the buyer)
50 character message, exactly as you want it written on the card.

I don't have an Etsy account, can I still buy one?

We are working on offering sales directly through our website, but for the moment, we've found Etsy a nice, convenient place to set up shop. 

Do you have a physical shop or location I can visit to buy directly?

Not yet, but we hope to start selling at local craft fairs and art walks very soon! We'll make sure to let you know in advance (go to our contact page and sign up for our newsletter!)